Saturday January 31st

will be opening this great night of music at 7:00 pm!! So make sure to arrive early for good seating!! This night is going to be jam packed with talent!!!

What happens when you mix 3 completely different people into a blues band? You get Mississippi Adam Riggle. We represent a ...sense of musical diversity and unity rarely seen anywhere else.

Adam Riggle- Spiritual music lover with amazing guitar skills. He has been playing blues music since childhood, learning from the best to be the best.

James Warfield- Veteran at the bass, been playing music since before sliced bread.

Lenny Popp- Mainly influenced by punk, metal, and jazz; his fusion rock-swing drumming style adds a twist to blues music as we know it.

We all have our own lives and come together to bring music to the world that needs it.


opening band 7:00-9:30


The Billy Davis Group is a Rock~N~Soul band that will keep you moving all night! With a versatile set list that consists of songs from Elvis and The Stones, to OutKast and Marvin Gaye, it is hard to stay off the dance floor! Allen Haywood fronts the 5 piece band. Before BDG, you could have seen him belting out tunes for Soul Kitchen or Calling Eastwood. Billy Davis and Dan Willett have collaborated before with the likes of Tattoo Babylon. Billy has also played with Wall Street Hooligans. Dan has been in a number of bands over his storied career, most recently with Little T & A. Rob sharp lays down the low end. You may recognize him from Flashpoint and The Sensations. Brian Halfacre provides the heartbeat for the group. You might have seen him rocking with Wax Factory, Rocktimus Prime and The Emily Clark Band. This experienced quintet is taking Louisville by storm. Jump on the BDG bandwagon and be part of the fun!!

This is going to be a spectacular night of music!!!

Closing band 10:00-2:00

Cover $6.00